Longing for the Day


Don’s new album, Longing for the Day.



Longing for the Day, released October 1st 2018.


Frank Kilkelly guitars

Kathleen Boyle piano

Joanie Madden flute, whistle

Frankie Gavin fiddle, flute

Mick Kinsella harmonica

Jim Higgins percussion

Paul O’Driscoll double bass

Rob Ickes Dobro

Tommy Keane Uilleann Pipes

John Faulkner bouzouki

Nollag Casey fiddle

Dermot Byrne melodeon

Nicola Maguire backing vocals

Tony Maher keyboards

Susan McCann vocal duet

Members of St.Patrick’s Brass Band, Galway


1. Little Red Boot (Pete O’Hanlon) IMRO

2. There is no Night (Jimmy McCarthy)

3. Conemara my Home (Don Stiffe) IMRO

4. Save me a place in your Heart (John Faulkner) IMRO

5. Isle of Inishfree (Dick Farrelly) Peter Maurice Music EMI

6. Souvenirs :duet with Susan McGann (Niall Finnegan)IMRO 

7. Celia Griffin (Don Stiffe) IMRO

8. Sarah (Johnny McEvoy) Callisto Music.

9. Let Me Fish off Cape St Mary’s (Otto P. Kelland) (copyright Jocelyn Kelland)

10. You’ll Always be my Mother (Don Stiffe) IMRO

11. Supermarket wine (Mickey McConnell)


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